Newbie Guide to search engine optimisation

Organic traffic

This is the best source of free long-term traffic, but it takes a lot of time and effort and it can take many months for your pages to qualify before you get results in seo company united kingdom.

Visitors write their search queries on search engines such as Google or Yahoo and the best-rated websites appear at the top of the list. When a visitor clicks on the search link on your website, you have a visitor!

How does SEO service uk work?

All search robots have a set of rules (algorithms) by which they judge the importance (rank) of a website for a particular word or phrase (a keyword). Search engines use software robots, the so-called spiders, which continually “crawl” the web and inform search engines. Once your website has been crawled, the search engine places it in your website index and then organizes the page according to its rules.

It is more an art than a science of how to turn and index your pages quickly. Some search crawlers offer a feature that allows you to send them the details of your site. However, this method is not very effective.

An effective way to get spiders is to create a high-level website (authority) that places a link to your website. When spiders crawl the agency’s website and find their link, they think their website should also be important and follow the link to track their website (this is a very simplified explanation of a very complex issue).

Obviously, a high ranking is very desirable and can be worth a lot of money for the website owner. To prevent someone from finding a way to “cheat” search engines, they often change their rules, which are a very well kept secret.

Most Internet marketing specialists have their own theories about SEO uk and there are constant debate and speculation about what works and what doesn’t. If you really want to go into SEO (I suggest you don’t waste your valuable time), there are many free articles available and you can visit some of the many SEO service uk discussion groups (forums).